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0:00 - Wage cuts to save jobs
Employers have been given the green light by the National Wages Council to implement temporary wage cuts if it means saving jobs. They should seek employees' support before doing so and only make the reductions necessary to minimise retrenchments. The council did not set a quantum for the wage cuts due to the uneven impact of the Covid-19 crisis across sectors and companies, but any reductions should depend on the sector and company's performance and outlook. Assistant news editor Toh Yong Chuan makes sense of these recommendations. Read the story:

08:00 - Covid-19 update
There were nine new coronavirus cases confirmed as at Friday noon (Oct 16), taking Singapore's total to 57,901. They included one case in a worker's dormitory here. There were also eight imported cases who had been placed on stay-home notices upon arrival in Singapore. There were no new cases in the community. Read the story:

11:02 - SG-HK Airfares jump
Singapore's two-way air travel bubble with Hong Kong will pave the way for leisure and other forms of travel between both places. While details are still being worked out, people could be travelling between both places in several weeks. We answer some commonly asked questions. Read the story:

12:59 - Thailand calling for change
Anti-government protesters plan to defy a ban on gatherings in Thailand's capital for a third day and hold rallies across the nation, escalating a three-month-old movement in support of monarchy reform and greater democracy. Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha said he was not resigning and that the emergency measures would last up to 30 days. Indochina bureau chief Tan Hui Yee has the latest from Bangkok. Read the story:

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