László Puczkó and his career trajectory into wellness and health tourism.

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In this StarrCast Podcast episode, Lisa Starr talks with Wellness Warrior László Puczkó, CEO and Co-Founder of Health Tourism Worldwide, Hungary.

Childhood swims in thermal springs gave László an appreciation for wellness from an early age. Multiple academic degrees and a stint as a management consultant have fine-tuned his instincts for both the inspirational and practical aspects of project development in wellness and health tourism.

Each episode of StarrCast is an in-depth chat with someone currently working in wellness. Hailing from all over the globe, these folks all started their career journey from widely divergent origins; from hospitality, restaurants and fitness to less traditional beginnings such as linguists & attorneys, marketing executives and dot-commers, and investors and academics. The one common thread is that when they settle into the wellness world, they never leave!

We hope that at least one of these stories will inspire you to examine your own career path and work life balance, and possibly to join us as a wellness warrior! Thanks for listening.
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